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On the 1st of July 2014 the first activities in Nordic Walking were held within the  Active Senior  Citizen Project
    On 30th August 2012 was organised bus trip to Kurozwęki because of the project SUMMER IN THE CITY .
Between 3 - 6 June in Tarnobrzeg hosted for the second time a delegation from the city of Mardin - Turkey. They visited our city because of the project Comenius Regio "Methods to prevent students school failure." The project is implemented by the Association ESTEKA and Turkish Board of Education city of Mardin, Tarnobrzeg Community, and with the cooperation of secondary schools: high schools in Mili Piyanago Mardini and Nicolaus Copernicus from Tarnobrzeg and Research and Consultation Center of Mardin.  
In Hoof by Hoof project, we train parents of children participating in hippotherapy classes in the field of basic rehabilitation of their children as well as support of horses accompanied by training in the assistance with hippotherapy activities. Moreover, the parents-volunteeres took part in the training concerning basics of Voluntary service as well as opportunities of writing and obtaining grants for their own social initiatives.  
It is 11th time we invite you to take part in Santas Parade, which will take place this year on December 6th. We invite everybody for “fun with baubles”!!!       11th SANTA'S PARADE   6th DECEMBER 2014   Decorate polystyrene ball and exchange it for a sweet surprise – December 6th on B. Głowacki square   Sweet surprise for decorated bauble   Polystyrene balls to buy for 1 zl in the office of school and “ESTEKA” Association ( 11. Listopada 8A). For details check or call 513 141 320.    
You can find some info about the first hipotherapy classes currently carried out by Esteka Association at portal NadWisłą24. Janusz Szwed - chairman of Esteka Association is giving some information about the project. We are inviting you to watch this spot "A horse Therapist" by Piotr Morawski.
We encourage you to read an article by Monika Stojowska featured in Tygodnik Nadwiślański ‘HIPOTERAPIA NIE JEST MAGIĄ’ (‘Hippotherapy is not magic’)
  On Thursday 21 of June at the Chamber Hall of the Tarnobrzeg’s House of Culture  was held a meeting with Bogusław Myśliwiec - originator and author of a photo album TARNOBRZEG 2012. The publisher of the album is ESTEKA Association, which funded the publishing house and its distribution. During the meeting, the guests could purchase an album at a promotional price and get the dedication of the author. The album will be available for purchase in some places including: - Headquarters of the ESTEKA Association on 11 Listopada Street 8a; - Tarnobrzeg's House of Culture; - Company VISAT on Sienkiewicz Street 9; The remaining points of distribution releases will keep you up to date on the website of the Association. See the photos from the meeting by Mariusz Dyszlewski .
We give you to use the new website of the Association ESTEKA. We hope that the improvements and changes will contribute to better navigation and its use. In the coming days we will complete all of the functionality and information in each tab page.  
On May 8th, 2012, the Board of Podkarpackie Province passed a resolution regarding allocation of funds from the Podkarpackie Province’s budget for social security programs under the Provincial Plan for years 2008-2020 aimed at providing equal opportunities for disabled people and acting against their social exclusion. The ESTEKA Association participated in the open competition and submitted a proposal titled ‘Organizacja zajęć hipoterapeutycznych dla dzieci i młodzieży z terenu Powiatów Grodzkiego i Ziemskiego w Tarnobrzegu’ (‘Organizing hippotherapy sessions for children and adolescents of Tarnobrzeg County’). Along with three other projects it earned the highest number of points in the assessment of content and received a subsidy of zl 29.725 from the budget of the province, where the total cost amounts to zl 45.000.
We would like to inform you that the admission to our program ‘‘Rehabilitation of children and adolescents through participating in hippotherapy sessions’ will be open April 5th through April 13th, 2012.

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